The Classics 3-Pack

The Classics 3-Pack

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The Original 3 Recipes that started the Bite Club Jerky Line!

Smoked - Classic smoked flavors combine with a deep rich marinade to bring that smoky salty amazement you crave.

Pepper - If you like pepper, you will LOVE our Pepper Jerky. Starts with a flavorful marinade for 24 hours, then dredged through freshly crushed black and pink peppercorns. Chewy with a dense pepper flavor, bit of heat with a perfect texture.

Teriyaki - This jerky is the reason you'll lick your fingers. A dense smokey teriyaki marinade, then topped with toasted sesame seeds then dried (yet still sticky!) to chewy perfection.

Each bag is 3 oz for a total of 9 oz of Jerky.

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