XTRACTED! Small-Batch Extracts

XTRACTED! Small-Batch Extracts

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Like our Jerky, our Small-batch extracts are simple, pure and downright powerful. No fillers, no watering down, and just the bare minimum of ingredients extracted under a vacuum process to draw every flavorful molecule from the source. These are small-batch, hand made, so no two bottles are alike. Some flavors available in a Vegetable Glycerin Base (giving a very very slight sweeter taste). Bottled in a 1oz Amber bottle with dropper for easy access, labeled and hand signed with the flavor. Finished off with a tamper proof neck ring for your safety!

Our initial launch will feature these flavors, with limited edition flavors popping in and out as we think them up!

Current Flavors are:

Vanilla: The Classic, only Better! Organic Madagascar Beans bring an unrivaled flavor to any baking, cooking or craft drinks!

Orange: Cara Cara Navel and Valencia oranges shine here, seeped in an alcohol or Glycerin Base. Perfect for desserts, baking, ice cream…and give it a whirl in homemade Irish Soda Bread.

Lemon: Organic Lemons are zested and soaked in an Alcohol or Glycerin base. Another perfect addition to any dessert, flavored sugars, cakes, teas or craft drinks. Try it spritzed onto roasted veggies as well!

Lime: Goes perfect in any Mexican Inspired Dish! Try it in homemade salsa or Pico. Add a bit to refried beans! Try it spritzed onto popcorn! And did someone say Margarita??? Add it in and watch it spin!

Cinnamon: This powerful extraction is perfect for cinnamon rolls! But don’t limit it to just that! Goes great with a lot of holiday baking, craft drinks, apple sauce and crafting your own flavored sugars!

Mint: Breath deep and get ready for that arctic blast! Very powerful extraction perfect for Meringues, homemade mints, Peppermint Pattys and chocolates: as well as ice cream, shakes and almost any dessert made for St. Patricks Day!

Jalapeño: Bringing that familiar heat directly to your tongue! Perfect for chilis, loaded nachos, refried beans, tacos and anything else you want to bring a bit of spice without altering consistency.

Vanilla Bourbon: Made with the same beans as our Vanilla Extract, use this in place of plain vanilla and watch your brain melt! Top-shelf high proof bourbon brings a smooth smokey and tad sweet flavor to any dish, dessert or cocktail!

Chocolate: Crafted from lightly roasted cocoa beans, our Chocolate Extract embodies the complex flavors of dark chocolate. This extract is ideal for adding extra layers of this divine flavor to any recipe that has chocolate as its base.

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