Szechuan Pork Jerky

Szechuan Pork Jerky


Inspired by Rick & Morty, and driven by a certain Fast Food Restaurant refusal to answer the call of the people, this is the Jerky that dominated the Galaxy Comic and Art Expo in 2017.

You wont have to wait 9 season to get your hands on the sticky tangy spicy awesomeness that is the Szechuan Sauce. Hand made from scratch using fresh garlic and ginger, then blended to perfection. Sliced pork is added and marinated for 24 hours. And before the final process, another slathering of the Szechuan goes on. Once bagged we will include a free Rick and Morty Sticker!

"Cause I gotta have that Szechuan sauce Morty....!!!"

Naturally Gluten Free!

3 oz. Bag

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