Vegan "Jerky"

Vegan "Jerky"

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Bite Club managed to create a Jerky for our Vegan fans. It took a lot of research and testing, but we finally were able to develop a 100% vegan treat.

We start with Firm Tofu, then do a deep marinade made from 100% Vegan and organic ingredients, including Organic Coconut Brown Sugar and Natural Vegan Worcestershire sauce (because regular brown sugar has trace amounts of Bone Char...thats how deep we went into the research for you!). We then smoke and dry it till we get a firm but chewy texture, yet delectably smooth!

NO PRESERVATIVES!  NO FILLERS! 100% Vegan, 100% Organic. 100% better then those other Vegan jerky's on store shelves.

Please Note: This is NOT Gluten Free.

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