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We want to be a part of your spice cabinet!

Introducing our Small batch, hand crafted Rubs and Spice Blends for your kitchen! We take the same love and care as we do with our jerky and have designed blends to help elevate your cooking! Made from the freshest herbs and spices, and sealed in smell proof packaging (although you will often be popping these open for a deep whiff)! Our rubs are multi-purpose, perfect for almost any protein or dish.

Suggestions and recipes on each flavor. Sizes vary by weight from 1.75-4oz.

Cajun: The Classic, only Better! Perfect for Seafoods, Gumbos, Jambalaya and Grilled Chicken! Try it mixed with your favorite ranch dressing and drizzled over a grilled chicken salad! Heat: 3/5

Campfire: Hickory smoked salt, spices and a touch of sugar give this blend a flavor balance rivaled only by its incredible smell. Designed to be totally universal, this blend works as a dry rub, a sauce enhancer, a vegetable sprinkle, popcorn and shrimp! Heat:1/5

Garlic Dill: Dried dill and fresh dehydrated garlic blend with organic parsley and spices that works as a dry rub, a wet rub, a vegetable sprinkle…or mix it with sour cream or greek yogurt for an amazing veggie dip! Heat: 0/5

Herbs De Provence: The classic Salt Free French Seasoning made with the freshest dried herbs. Perfect for any French Dish, pasta , salad or as a wet rub for chicken and shrimp. (Note: Does not contain Lavender. That was added when the spice blend came to New York. This is designed off the original french style.) Heat 0/5

No Salt Blend: Wonderful Blend of herbs and spices, minus the salt! Rocks on any lighter protein (chicken, shrimp, seafood, etc), but amazing on vegetables and lightly sprinkled on pasta. And this is perfect if you would love to create your own flavored butters (recipe for that is on it’s label!) Heat: 0/5

BBQ Rub: Here it is, Bite Clubs classic rub we’ve been using for years on our pulled porks and smoked briskets! Course sea salts and brown sugars, along with our smoked paprika combine to bring a rub that works both wet and dry! Heat: 1/5

Chili-Coffee Rub: We fresh grind fair trade roasted coffee beans and blend it with two different peppers, salts and sugars to create a rub that is beyond amazing on pork, but works on everything from beef to poultry to seafood to tofu! Aromas of coffee take your nose, followed by a slow building comfortable heat. Heat: 3/5

Jamaican Jerk Rub: When you need a dry rub version of the classic fiery sauce! Sweet aromas of cloves and cinnamon blend with the spiciness of 4 different peppers. Turn it into a wet rub with just a bit of oil. Heat: 4/5

Texas Style Rub: Built on a base of organic dark brown sugar and blended with 3 different peppers and flavor packed spices, this rub was built on the inspiration of the best Texas Pit Masters. Heat: 2/5

Popcorn Dust: This spice blend was built on the frustration of just buttered style popcorn. Fresh Lemon zest and a cornucopia of flavor packed spices and salt come together to bring your fresh or microwave popped popcorn to a new level! But guess what?!? This is also amazing on grilled, steamed or even raw veggies! Try it sprinkled on Shrimp! Dust your chicken with it! It’s the new universal seasoning! Heat: 0/5



Finishing salts are the last thing you add to the plate before presenting. Usually bright, vibrant colors and packed with subtle raw flavors to accent any dish you are presenting. Not meant to be cooked with (but you can!)

Shiraz: Corse sea salt is infused with Shiraz wine for a salt perfect for finishing any red meat or light pasta. Salt is a deep red/purple color.

White Zin: Coarse sea salt and Himalayan pink salt are jam packed with White Zinfandel for a finishing salt perfect for poultry or seafood. Salt is a light pink color accented by darker pink grains.

Moscato: Sweet wine infusing coarse and fine grain sea salts perfect to finish any seafood or dessert. Try it on fresh made caramel. Or just rim your glass in it! Salt color is a faint pink, white color.

NOTE: All three wine finishing salts can be purchased as a single gift pack for a discounted price!

Rosemary-Lemon Finishing Salt: Fresh lemon zest and rosemary are toasted with coarse sea salt then ground to a medium grain finishing salt. Crisp amazing scent perfect for any dish.

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