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This is what you came for! Our small-batch, made to order protein perfection! From Classic Flavors to Savory flavors to Melt-your-face-off flavors, we guarantee you will find a favorite here. Gluten Free & Vegan Jerky Also Available!

The Bite Club Spice Cabinet

Small Batch Rubs, Seasonings and Extracts made from the freshest, purest ingredients! We want to be part of your Spice Cabinet!

Bite Club Pet Treats

Our pets deserve the best, and that’s what we intend to deliver to them! Made to order Cat Treats and Dog Jerky crafted from pure ingredients and absolutely no fillers!

From "Order Placed" to "Nom Nom Nom"

There is no pre-made Jerky at Bite Club. No Pet Treats just sitting around drying out, hoping to be ordered. Once your order is placed, we go to work making your noms specifically for you. We bag it, label it, and hand sign it to assure you, our customers, that the entire process has been hands on from the very start. Sure, this adds a few days until you can experience the flavors we create... but trust us, it's well worth the wait.

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Science & Cooking

Since 2015, Bite Club has been priding itself on its scientific approach to cooking. We don't just look at ingredients and alter from there. We dive deeper into the science of cooking and apply our findings to make a better product every time.




When Bite Club sets out to make anything, we don't hold back. We demand the best ingredients for the best flavor. There is no filler meats in our jerky, no unnecessary slop in our sauces. We take pride in what we do; this is what we live for, and our quality shows it. From the moment we start until the moment it's packaged, we guarantee the best ingredients we can get our hands on.