A-Pork-calypse 3-Pack

A-Pork-calypse 3-Pack

from 18.00

The a-PORK-calypse is upon us with a collection of our 3 best selling Pork based Jerky’s at a discounted price!

Bourbon Cherry - We start with Top Shelf Bourbon, get the pork nice and tipsy, then bombard it with a cherry infused marinade. Finish it off with fresh crushed black pepper, and slow dry it to a perfect sticky texture. Be careful! This bad boy may still have a proof to it!

Citrus Sriracha - Everyone loves Sriracha, so we took that love to a new level. Adding in a citrus base along with a thick Sriracha sauce brings a level of tang and heat to the tongue.

Szechuan - You wont have to wait 9 season to get your hands on the sticky tangy spicy awesomeness that is our Szechuan Sauce. Hand made from scratch using fresh garlic and ginger, then blended to perfection. Once bagged we will include a FREE Rick and Morty Sticker!

Each bag is 3oz. 9oz of jerky total.

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